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About OGG Group

Owj Gohar Giti Company, known as OGG, was founded in 2017 with the help of experts and professionals in different fields of industry, and is currently active in three sub-groups as OGG ​​Medical, OGG Industry and OGG Technology.

Owj Gohar Giti Company was established with the aim of providing specialized services in various fields in compliance with international standards and in order to achieve its goals which includes satisfying customers and business partners. Providing high quality products and services, employing outstanding technical experts, commitment and sense of responsibility towards customers and business partners, as well as brilliant records of the management are the most important reasons for the constant growth of the company.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred partner in supplying products & services in all fields of industry.

Company Timeline

  • August 2021
  • February 2018
  • December 2017
  • June 2017

Formation of OGG IND

Development of OGG MED

Foundation of OGG TECH

The establishment of OGG company

Company Values

Company Values